fashion strip

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• smock

denim or velvet


• skirt

denim, velvet or block print


• crop jacket

denim or velvet


• coat

velvet or sparkle denim


• jersey top

4 prints


• trouser

denim, velvet or block print


• crop top

denim or block print


• harem pants

block print


• vest dress

denim or block print

  smock and skirt   jacket and skirt   coat   coat and skirt  
  trouser and jersey top   crop top and skirt   harem pants   vest dress  

We had a fun afternoon on the hotel terrace, where our lovely neighbour Diana tried on the samples and Christophe took some pics.

velvet 1
velvet 3
velvet 2

Cotton velvet, 3 designs.

block prints indigo
indigo overdyed
block prints colours

Hand block printed cotton voile. Many designs, with an emphasis on natural indigo.

no photos