enamel strip


• "red & green flower" enamel collection
• embossed stainless steel collection
• embossed stainless steel colander
• stainless steel drainer
61cm x 61cm x 20cm
• glass "dragon"
• enamel mug with lid
• 34cm enamel bowl and 42cm enamel tray
enamel and stainless steel
Thai enamelled bowls, plates and trays with flower design
embossed stainless steel bowls, plates and trays
embossed stainless steel colander
stainless steel drainer
"dragon" & "lotus" glasses
enamel mug with lid (9cm high, 9cm diam). Click for larger image.
34cm enamel bowl and 42cm enamel tray, red spots on white background. Click for larger image.
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