First established in France in 1983, Blackout moved to Brighton in 1991.

Our lives have been about travel and trade for the past 30 years.
All the products in the catalogue have been produced in SE Asia, India and tribal Southern China, to in house designs, by great people in nice surrounding.

We all love colour, hate waste, recycle, reuse, respect each other and our environment.

Here are pictures of some of the people whose work has helped to create this catalogue.

Hom at home
Yom, Anna and Joni
Christophe at the recycled bath mats "factory"
Xian Hong and Anna
Sara, about to start dusting on a Monday morning.
recycled rubber
recycled packing strap baskets.
felt applique in China
Chinese tribal lady and Christophe
Hom and Anna
stuffing cushions in Northeast Tailand.